in this house, we love boys

| <3 |

cooking,,,,, w the love of ur life,,,,,, *chefs kiss*

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Oh to be sitting in a boy's lap, wearing my most revealing outfit and a wide brimmed hat because I know he likes it when I dress that way, and kissing his face off.

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when will a cute boy just come down from heaven and tell me i've sinned too much but its okay bc he still loves me

holding hands & brushing knuckles & lingering touches 2 arms

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Can you imagine??? Kissing a boy??? And your noses touch???

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I just want a boy to wrap his arms around me and pull me onto his lap so we can cuddle and kiss on the couch and tell each other stupid jokes ._.

date a boy who likes it when u braid his hair 

hnjgdghdggh i'm GAY

yeah i like boys, yeah i'm 2 scared 2 talk 2 any

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boys in crop tops...very hot and gorgeous ..

if someone wants 2 take me on a date of recreating renaissance paintings but gayer hmu

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Reminder that boys should ABSOLUTELY be allowed to wear skirts. 

not 2 be gay on main but i would dissolve under the comfortable weight of a lover